Iona Booking

Where Elegance and Country Charm create a unique experience.

1st fl room one
1st floor room two
2nd fl room

Things to Know

1.) There is a very friendly springer spaniel on the property. His name is Chip!

2.) Refrigerator space is available if needed.

3.) Fresh towels and wash cloths will be provided for visitors that stay more than three days. Laundry arrangements are available for longer stays as well.

4.) This is a non-smoking property. There is a fee assessed in the amount of $100 for those found smoking on the property.

5.) Children must be 12 years of age or older due to the home not being child-proof. There are many family heirlooms and delicate antiques around the home as well as our dog Chip who is very friendly yet unaccustomed to toddler play. Please contact us directly to discuss exceptions.

6.) We do ask that shoes be removed when walking about the house. Please be sure to bring socks or slippers for your comfort.

7.) Any cancellations must occur within 12 hours of scheduled stay to avoid penalty.

Hosts Robert & Linda Muncy will be there to greet you, serve you, and provide any information you may need regarding the local area.

Safety First

To enhance the safety of all our guests at Iona Stables and Inn we have installed UV light to all the air handlers that service the house. These UV lights are in addition to the filter cartridges already in use and help to expose recirculated indoor air to UVC light which kills/deactivates micro-organisms, sanitizing the air.

This means that every 10 +/- minutes all air inside the home is disinfected from bacteria, viruses, and mold particles.
Just another way we strive to make your stay at Iona Inn as safe and comfortable as possible.